About us

     The origins of the Malachi line began in the year of 2009. We started to realize that we possessed talents in creating music and videos that needed to be shared with the world. Next, we began to design our clothing for these videos (Ma la chi productions on youtube), and the response from the public was enormous. Others wanted to know where they can purchase the clothing we wore which led to us eventually starting our own clothing line selling leggings, shirts,hats and skirts. 

     The members of the Malachi line consists of Timothy Wong, Percell Brown,  and Jeremiah Wong. This team grew up together on the streets of Webster Ave which is located in Bronx NY. We began the online shop to show anyone who grows up less fortunate that anything is possible. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve any goals in life. While specializing in many different aspects of clothing and accessories, our style will have you looking incredibly unique while standing out far from the crowd.



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